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Public Cloud – Interview with Bernd Rederlechner

While in the past the public cloud was seen more as a target for hackers, it is now increasingly gaining momentum. We talked to Bernd Rederlechner, Lead Architect of PU Digital Solutions at T-Systems, about the benefits of the public cloud and how severe the security risks really are today. In our interview, he also explains how automation can help companies to remain independent.

Developed by humans for humans

“We create the UX designs and then that can be developed” – surely, we’ve all heard this or something similar at least once, or perhaps you were the one who said it. In interdisciplinary teams, in which the words “user experience” falls, it is commonly the case that one or several people will feel solely responsible for this issue – the rest of the team is there to take care of implementation. But does User Experience not mean creating a holistic solution for the user – the human being? If so, why is it that we do not feel responsible for it as a team?

Continuous delivery
for machine learning

In modern software development, we’ve grown to expect that new software features and enhancements will simply appear incrementally, on any given day. This applies to consumer applications such as mobile, web, and desktop apps, as well as modern enterprise software. We’re no longer tolerant of big, disruptive software deployments. ThoughtWorks has been a pioneer in Continuous Delivery (CD), a set of principles and practices that improve the throughput of delivering software to production in a safe and reliable way.

Do We Need a Service Mesh?

Over the past year, service mesh has come to the fore as a crucial component of the cloud native stack. Giants like Ticketmaster and PayPal have all added a service mesh to their production applications. But what is a service mesh, exactly? Is it even relevant? And why?

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