W-JAX-HYBRID-KONFERENZ: Alle Infos zur Teilnahme online oder vor Ort hier


JAX-HYBRID-KONFERENZ: Alle Infos zur Teilnahme online oder vor Ort hier


Test-HYBRID-KONFERENZ: Alle Infos zur Teilnahme online oder vor Ort hier

Program Berlin

DevOps Conference 2020, June 08 – 11, 2020 in Berlin
The Conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices,
Containers, Clouds and Lean Business

We are still working on the program of the DevOpsCon 2020 in Berlin. 

As reference, please see the program of the previous DevOpsCon Berlin below. 

Program of DevOpsCon Berlin 2019

DevOps Transformation Day

J. Paul Reed Managing Partner, Release Engineering Approaches

Kubernetes Workshop: Deep-dive ins Containermanagement [SOLD OUT]

Erkan Yanar Erkan Yanar Consulting

Workshop: User-Centered IT Operations [SOLD OUT]

Jeff Sussna Sussna Associates

Istio Workshop: deploy like a Ninja - Smart Deployment Patterns with Istio Service Mesh [SOLD OUT]

Anton Weiss Otomato Software

Workshop: Effective DevOps with Knative and Istio [SOLD OUT]

Kamesh Sampath Red Hat

Silos are dead. Long live Silos

Jeff Sussna Sussna Associates

DevOps in der Datenbankanwendungsentwicklung

Eero Mattila Quest

Infrastructure as Code – Lessons learned from Dev to Ops

Emma Button nubeGO

Java EE and MicroProfile meet Istio

Harald Uebele IBM
Niklas Heidloff IBM

In Kubernetes, has everyone forgotten application workflows?

Basil Faruqui BMC

Getting started with Terraform

Lorenzo Galelli 1&1 IONOS

How we killed DevOps by creating a dedicated DevOps team

Adam Nowak Netguru

GDPR compliant Microservices

Johan Sydseter Capgemini Norge AS

Sicherheit, Docker und K8s #slideless

Erkan Yanar Erkan Yanar Consulting

Best Practices for securing CI/CD Pipelines or how to get Security right

Victoria Almazova Microsoft

The Troubles of Automating "all the Things"

J. Paul Reed Managing Partner, Release Engineering Approaches

Managing Services and Serverless Applications with Terraform

Garrett Galow Cloudflare

Serverless Containers - Nodeless Kubernetes & Vertical Pod Autoscaling

Amit Bar-Oz Spotinst

Shell Ninja: Mastering the Art of Shell Scripting #slideless

Roland Huss Red Hat

Changing the Tyres while the Car is running

Miles Martin NGINX

Automated Container Security for DevSecOps

Markus Winkler Trend Micro

Shared Nothing Logging Infrastructure: Overcoming the Challenges of Container-based Microservices Infrastructures

Nikolaus Winter shopping24 internet group
Torsten Köster shopping24 internet group

Beyond DevOps – Holistic transformations in uncertain times

Stephan Lange Accenture

How Cloud-native Technologies are shaping Enterprise IT

Slava Koltovich Kublr

Canary and Blue/Green Continuous Delivery of Cloud Application

Ivan Ostojić Avi Networks

Strategizing while moving fast

Markus Andrezak überproduct GmbH

DevOps Made Real! Automation from build to deploy

Kaushal Kumar K Accenture
Karthik Duraipandi Accenture

Kubernetes access control in the enterprise

Jan Bruder Rancher Labs

Level up! A Continuous Deployment Maturity Model

Jennifer Kottmann Robert Bosch GmbH
Juliane Ludwig Robert Bosch GmbH

Facts over opinions: how Data beats Gut Feeling

Jacob Tiedemann ThoughtWorks

Ich baue mir meinen Container selbst! #slideless

Erkan Yanar Erkan Yanar Consulting

Building Better Security in your Kubernetes Cluster

Ovidiu Hutuleac Audi Business Innovation GmbH

DevOps ICU Lab: Improving DevOps Results by (correctly) integrating UX

Debbie Levitt Ptype UX & Product Design Agency

Get Application Security in sync with Application Development

Roman Borovits F5

Whole Work: socio-technical Systems

Jabe Bloom PraxisFlow

$ Kubectl Hacking #slideless

Tobias Schneck Loodse GmbH

Implementing Event-driven Microservices

Nikhil Barthwal Google

AWS Cloud Development Kit: Boost your Infrastructure

Philipp Garbe Scout24

Why Cloud Native Security is different and how Aqua can help to master these challenges

Andreas Lambrecht Aqua Security

Open Source Pentesting and Security Analysis Tools: the DevOps way... #slideless

Christian Schneider Schneider IT-Security

Service Mesh mit Istio für Einsteiger

Patrick Arnold PENTASYS AG

Containerizing Off-the-Shelf IAM (Identity and Access Management)

Simon Potgieter Giant Swarm GmbH
Tim Hobbs iC Consult GmbH / Service Layers GmbH

Creating a Distributed AI/ML Enterprise Fabric Using Kubernetes and Serverless

Steven Duckaert Platform9

Two Frames on Development and Operations

Jabe Bloom PraxisFlow

The path to agile DevSecOps - a holistic approach of automation, orchestration and correlation

Gunner Winkenwerder Checkmarx Ltd.

Knative and the three Dwarfs - an Introduction to Serverless with Knative

Kamesh Sampath Red Hat

APIs as Code

Christoph Wiechmann Axway

Canary Releases on Kubernetes with Spinnaker, Istio, and Prometheus

Slava Koltovich Kublr

Microservice Reliability, Observability, and Security with Consul Connect

Nic Jackson HashiCorp

How non-violent Communication can help keep the Peace on your Team

Casie Siekman Solution Design Group

Hystrix vs Istio: Battle of the Circuit Breakers

Nicolas Frankel Exoscale

Dev-ops-as Code

Matthias Zieger XebiaLabs

IP Strategies in the Cloud

Kim Gagné European Cloud Alliance

Seven Security Sins: the seven biggest Security Problems of agile Projects

Christian Schneider Schneider IT-Security

In Silicon Valley, Engineers Deploy-and-Tell: Stories About Dockerizing an Application

Gabriella Querales AppDynamics

What‘s the Worst that can happen

Marc Burgauer Arena Peak Ltd,

GitLab CI and Kubernetes: deploying Applications continuously to Kubernetes

Alexander Trost Cloudibility UG

Dumb Services in smart Nets: deploy like a Ninja with Istio Service Mesh

Anton Weiss Otomato Software

Operations: the last Mile for DevOps

Damon Edwards Rundeck

Going faster in financial Services and Testing in Production

Aubrey Stearn Nationwide Building Society

Build and deploy Java Applications on Kubernetes with Apache Maven

Umar Chikobava adesso AG

Password Cracking in the Modern Age

Tom Zahov Checkmarx Ltd.

Mastering Kubernetes on AWS

Sascha Möllering Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL

Prometheus – what's new and what's next?

Björn Rabenstein Grafana Labs

Why we don't use the Term DevOps: the Journey to a Product Mindset

Mostafa Nageeb Zalando SE
Henning Jacobs Zalando SE

Sustainable Continuous Delivery: Patterns for rapid and reliable Releases

Manuel Pais Independent Consultant

SysAdmin to SRE: creating Capacity to make tomorrow better than today

Damon Edwards Rundeck

A Practical Approach to Adopting Serverless

Rita Kozlov Cloudflare

The Status Quo of Kubernetes Operators

Roland Huss Red Hat

Microservices with Azure Functions and Event Grid

Rajkumar Balakrishnan Royal Agrifirm Group B.V

How DevOps is driving DPDHL’s digital transformation

Klaus Schütz Deutsche Post DHL Group

Pentesting Workshop: how to master your offensive Security Toolstack [SOLD OUT]

Christian Schneider Schneider IT-Security

Advanced Problems Solving for DevOps [SOLD OUT]

Jabe Bloom PraxisFlow
Marc Burgauer Arena Peak Ltd,
Markus Andrezak überproduct GmbH
J. Paul Reed Managing Partner, Release Engineering Approaches

Agility Workshop: Leveraging the Benefits of Retrospectives [SOLD OUT]

Ben Linders Ben Linders Consulting

CI/CD Workshop: Treating your Pipeline as a Product [SOLD OUT]

Manuel Pais Independent Consultant